Another Summer

A Poem


Another summer to stay inside
To avoid the heat, the humidity and
The sun.
Another summer to avoid parades, concerts and festivals
Filled with people
All consumed in their own narcissism
Pushing and shoving
"Me first!"

Adventures. Vacations.
So many things to do.
But why?
What if you don't see everything?
What if you don't stay at every resort?

Niagara Falls. The Golden Gate.
Most experiences are ruined
By throngs of people
With cameras vying
For that one perfect shot
That will go into an Instagram album
And vanish
Like the moment it captured
by the frivolity
Of Souvenirs.



Rebecca Simmers

Rebecca (She/Her) is a queer Poet and Writer, Women's Health Educator, Advocate and Caregiver currently based in Louisville.