A Song For The Soul

Rebecca Simmers
Feb 12, 2023


A Poem

I don't want any random hookups
I don't want any booty calls
I don't want to date just to date
The Mask doesn't interest me

I need something more REAL
Someone that calls to my soul
Someone who inspires the poetry in me
Someone who smiles every time I walk in the room
Someone who doesn’t need me to be a celebrity to feel okay about themselves
Someone who isn’t drawn to my Mask

Only someone who’s at least 86% compatible will do
If we don’t have at least 40 things in common, it will never work...

There is no compromise in matters of the heart



Rebecca Simmers

Rebecca (She/Her) is a queer Poet/Writer/Memoirist, Entrepreneur, Women's Health Educator, Advocate and Former Caregiver currently based in Louisville, KY