A Prayer For Danielle

Rebecca Simmers
2 min readNov 29, 2021


I don't want to possess you

How could I, you are light, air and magic

Isn't it fitter that two people merge,

making the other brighter

Knowing you all of these years

Though we have never occupied

the same space and moment in time

You have made me better

Pushed me to claim my potential

Given me hope and renewed my faith

There is no pedestal

You needn't be afraid of heights

Sometimes words fail me

How else can one describe


The awe inspiring divine that others can only glimpse

Instead, forgive my feeble eyes

that are unable to see your flaws

Like Emeralds and Diamonds

your imperfections only make you

that much more special and rare

Why is that so wrong?

Wouldn't anyone want to feel the same?

I am thankful you're alive

I am grateful I found you

You cracked me open

Flowing through me like the Santa Ana

I can no longer face a life without you in it

Stagnant, silent and motionless

The embers of life fading in my soul

I want to live

To breath you in

Your laughter and smiles

Your mischievous ways

Your razor sharp wit

Your dreams and aspirations

And, to be your refuge

In times of sorrow and doubt

In exchange, I surrender

I offer all that I am and all that I possess

I pray that it is enough



Rebecca Simmers

Rebecca (She/Her) is a queer Poet and Writer, Women's Health Educator, Advocate and Caregiver currently based in Louisville.